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friends family and the country say goodbye to a political legend. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm gurvir dhindsa. and today is the first of a
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farewell for ted kennedy. in an hour there will be a private service and then he will stop at places that were special to him and then tonight there is a public viewing at the jfk presidential library. that will continue tomorrow morning to be followed by an invitation-only memorial service. >> then the senators body will be taken to the basilica of our lady of perpetual health and the president will deliver a eulogy at mass on saturday and then he will be buried next to his brothers at the national cemetery. >> reporter: right now services are scheduled to start around 5:00 saturday afternoon at arlington fashional cemetery. the service is closed to the public. but mourners are expected to flock to the cemetery to say a final farewell to the last kennedy brother. >> the kennedy grave site at arlington national cemetery is a somber, yet pom lar tourist
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attraction in the washington area. >> it is timeless. it will always stay the same and will always remind us of john kennedy. >> reporter: theternal flame flickers nonstop for more than 45 years now. >> it's awesome. it's emotional. there is so much tragedy and knowledge. it's sad. >> reporter: just down a hill, the more understated final resting place of senator robert kennedy. >> you can't be there without being emotional. >> reporter: now a source of knowledge of the family wishes tell us this is where senator ted kennedy will be, close to bobby's website. >> reporter: a assassinated president, a murdered presidential candidate and now the senator. >> he lived all of his life up there, and i'm just surprised they're going to bury him here. >> was he a veteran. >> reporter: he served in the
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mill dairy -- militaries in the 1950s. >> well if the rest of the family is there, i think that's okay. >> reporter: arlington national cemetery averages about 30 burials a day, monday thus friday. we're not sure what kind of sayre mony the family is planning, but a spokesperson tells us if a vet wishes to be buried here with full tahonors months to be scheduled. saturday he will join jack and bobby in the hollowed hills overlooking the potomac. the cemetery will still be open to the public on saturday, but the jfk grave site will close saturday morning. arlington house, which sits above the grave site, will close at noon on saturday to help keep the services private as possible.
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at arlington national cemetery, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> honoring senator kennedy in the district, a large crowd gathed in dupont circle last night to reflect on the man dubbed the liberal lyon. they said it was only fitting to honor a man who touched so many lives. >> it felt like it was something solemn. people just getting together to light a candle to honor the senator was a good way to remember him. >> i just think it's a part of hon youring senator kennedy's life, showing support for the landmark legislation that he's passed during his time as a public servant. >> the vigil was organized by one of his biggest sort porting -- supporting groups ted kennedy pushed for the health care reform and called it the greatest cause of hi life and now democrats are vowing to carry on that fight. chris dodd hopes they can get it done.
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>> my hope is that this will cause people to take a breath, step back and start talking with each other again and in more civil tones about what needs to be done. because that's what teddy would do. he's passionate about the issues but there was no one better in trying to bring people together to get a job done. >> john mccain praised senator kennedy saying health care reform would be in a different place if kennedy would have been able to take part in the debate. another warm day shaping up out there. >> and actually we're looking forward to the weekend. but the question is how is danny going to influence the weather and tucker is here with the details. >> thank you very much. danny will definitely play a part in hoour weekend forecast. we'll have to watch it very carefully. let's start with danny. we just got an update and maximum winds are 60 miles per hour. the national hurricane center will send in a plane to the storm. you can see it's looking more
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impressive on our satellite presentation. a plane will go in there to take a look but it looks like it is intensifying. they feel it is better organized and likely to become a minimal hurricane as it tracks off to the northwest over the next couple of days. will it play a part in our weather? i'll have more details on that coming up. but let's look at his afternoon first. we have some lonecdiuss out there associated with a weak cold front, stretching from the north into pennsylvania. there is a couple of light showers that might snedi in here this afternoon so we can't rule out the possibility of a scattered shower or san isolat thunderstorm later this afternoon. 83 degrees right now. humidity 54%. pressure 30.09 inches. here is look at your afternoon forecast. and just a chance for a scattered shower or a thunderstorm. partly cloudy skies. cooler than yesterday, but the humidity is up so i'm not sure how that trades out.
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hazy, hot and humid, for allison. i'll have more details coming. more defails are -- details are emerging about a shooting this morning in the 32nd hundred block of bening road northeast. police responded to reports of a man armed with a begun and when officers arrived they say the man refused to drop the gun. one officer ended up shooting the man who later died. the officer was not hurt. now to a developing story out of prince george's county. dozens of drivers will need tires replaced after someone went on a slashing spree. karen gray houston just arrived at the san is here to tell us more now. what is going on, karen? >> reporter: this is a horrific incident of vandalism and it may have been caught on tape because there are police cameras in the area and they are operational. but i should explain the water. whoever slashed the tires, also
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did this with a knife or sharp instrument, made cuts in an above ground pipe. wssc working in the neighborhood and they made multiple cuts here and there. this is burn side road. if you look down here, palmer park road, there is another incident right there. there is water everywhere, all over the neighborhood. and police are on the scene, they're investigating this tire stabbing incident. police found by the yellow tape there, there were a number of incidents. there were nine found by police and there could have been as many as 30 tires that were slashed. now we don't know who did this. it could have been one or many vandals. wssc, as i mentioned, doing some construction in the neighborhood, are trying to stay on top of this. the victims the tire slashings are just plain mad. >> that's when i looked out and i went down the street and look
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at everybody else's tires and i said wow, these tire have been slashed. and i said this doesn't make sense. >> we're upset, each though it didn't hit my vehicle, it hit my neighbors vehicle. and i've been living here for 40 years and nothing like this has ever happened. >> back out here live in palmer park. police are investigating an incident of vandalism involving slashed tires on cars, at least nine cars, possibly as many as 30. they also stabbed some above ground water pipes in the neighborhood. there is police surveillance video available. police tell us they don't know who did it, they might be able to find out. they have not yet reviewed the tapes. we'll have an update for you later today. allison, back to you. >> karen gray houston live. thank you. the government estimated as
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many as 90,000 people could die from the swine flu, experts say we're not going to see that kind of number unless the virus strengthens. the the centers for disease control is getting ready for the worst case scenario as a precaution. schools are preparing for the worst. in prince george's county, schools are using hospital grade cleaners to wipe doorknobs, and desks. they began vaccines for the seasonal flu in october and may administer the swine flu vaccine if it's available. the d.c. republican committee is taking issue with what is dubbed fenty field. the field has a d.c. logo with the mayor's name displayed. the mayor said he didn't know about it until the ribbon cutting. he spoke it today on fox 5 morning news. >> i could be honest, it doesn't matter to me what the
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name is on the field or not. my name is on a bunch of traffic signs all over the city. i'm glad we don't put my name on the really big permanent ones they can take my name off of it. i really don't care. the field was a dust bowl and i walked around with the president and i said we have to change this and we made changes and now this field looks as good as anything you would find in, say, redskins park. >> republicans are still insisting the mayors name be removedch the field cost taxpayers $558,000. if elected governor of virginia in november, republican candidate bob mcdonald is promising to cut his pay to save money. tim kaine slashed his pay 5% when the revenue slid. they say a backlog can be address without any new taxes. meantime mark sanford says he's not stepping down. his lieutenant governor is calling for him to resign following his afir with a
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woman in argentina. investigations revealed inappropriate use of public money for various trips. sanford says he will not, quote, be railroaded out of this office by opponents. he is in the clear. new mexico governor dodged criminal charges in a pay to play investigation. a person familiar th the investigation says the justice department decided not to pursue indictments of they look at a scheme on which lucrative work for bond deals went to his political donor. make sure you don't lose your money when a bank collapses, but what happens when the fdic runs out of money. why some people are concerned. the price to fill up your grocery cart is going up. could ell you why and point really cost you. and a nude model is arrested at a new york city museum. you want to see that story, go to and look under the off beat section and meet tn us back here in two mesutut. 
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police have identified the victim in a deadly stabbing on q. street northwest. his name is joshua mac, 21-year- old from quinten, marylandment stabbing happened in broad daylight. one man survived the attack but macdied at the hospital. no arrests in this case. a local juvenile detention center, a therapeutic art program is being called into question. >> gun parts were found used in sculptures. many are defending the program. claudia coffey explains. >> reporter: administrators are investigating how the parts were removed from a locked classroom. the incident has led to stepped- up security and caused concern for corrections officers. this art work made of melted gun metal stands in the lobby of the new beginnings. it's the result of a new
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therapeutic class at the facility called guns to roses. >> the guns in the program is about educating young people about the devastating affects of gun violence and teaching them valuable skills of medal work. we take instruments of violence and turn them into structures. >> reporter: gun parts used in this project were removed from a secure classroom. a gun 'like this one was found in the gymnasium in june by a youth inmate who brought it to the attention of a corrections officer he trusted. >> if i did not have a relationship with the officer, he would have used the gun to get out of the facility. how would the offer know if the gun was real or not. >> reporter: then in july, a part of an am munition clip was found in the youth living quarters and a bullet was also recovered. union that represents the security officer says they were never briefed about the program. >> encourage staff to work with you in trying to approach the
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goals you're trying to reach. >> and that communication never happened. >> no. it never happened. >> reporter: david mohammed, chief of security says staff was notified in several meetings and also disputes claims a bullet was found on the ground. following the incidents, security was increased in and out of the metal shop. mohammed said the pieces were inoperable and no ones with injured. >> we won't do anything innovative or treatment oriented with young people who significantly benefited from the program. >> reporter: dallas piet the ens dent, the program will resume within the next month. in laurel, maryland, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. the ceo for richmond society for prevention cruelty of ab mals will not -- animals will not face charges. she didn't know her husband put louie in the back of her ca. she found him hours later. temperatures that day had
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reached 91 degrees. this morning nato is reporting another u.s. service member killed in an attack in afghanistan. it involved a roadside bombing and gunfire. that brings the u.s. death toll for this month to 44 august is now tied for july as the deadliest months in the eight-year war. more than 60,000 u.s. troops are in combat, rising insurgent violence. on going bank failures forced the government's insurance fund to fall 20% in the cond quarter, between april to june the fdic reports it lost $3.7 billion compared to a profit of $7 billion a year ago. 81 bank have failed so far this year and hundreds more are expected to fail. that threatens the fdic fund. your account is guaranteed up to $250,000. nearly 700,000 vehicles
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were sold in the cash for clunkers program. dealers submitted $2.8 billion in sale and bringing it to close just under the $3 billion budget. the toyota core ole as was the most popular purchased. fixing the financial mess in maryland could mean more potholes this your commute. the governor's new plan takes away a whopping 90% of the money meant for road wii pair in montgomery and prince george's counties. money reporter melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: on a new website for maryland state employees, the governor tried to cushion the blow of severe budget cuts. >> these cuts represent about 5% of our general fund for 2010. now by comparison, california's budget gap has reached as high as 49%. >> reporter: the state needs to slash $454 million in spending,
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the biggest chunks as neal burg strom says is been taken out of funds that is meant to support cities and counties used for police departments, transportation and community colleges. montgomery and prince george's county are losing 90% of the money theywere supposed to get from gas taxes, driver licensing and titling fees. >> if there was a construction project in your neighborhood, it might be delayed. if you have a pothole on your way to work, it might take longer for it to get fixed. if you were hoping get a sidewalk on a street in your area, that might not happen this year. >> reporter: in the plan, the state is protecting k-12 education and the social safety net. but higher education is taking a hit instead. the university of maryland system will lose $46 million, community colleges are losing $10 million. and that will likely mean -- >> reduced class offerings, higher class sizes and higher
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tuition. something will have to governor. >> reporter: the governor is giving thanks to state workers who will have to endure more furloughs. >> thank you for getting us through these tough, tough times. we're all in this together. >> reporter: still no matter how you serve it, the cuts go deep into the quality of life that marylanders have come to expect. mel alley alnwick, fox 5 news. >> expecting a shortfall in the year ahead. get ready to save more on beers. prices will go up. we're talking about milk, eggs and budweiser. some are hiking prices to compensate for lower volumes and higher commodity costs. a florida foster family in the middle of a court battle. why the state is blocking their attention when every unagrees the situation is best for the kid. and moon, mars or further.
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welcome back to what's cooking, everybody. and i would like to introduce you to our guest today. this is chef lauren sorbet and the general manager for the restaurant and this is nancy martinez. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> you are located at the west end arlington gateway, beautiful hotel there. so tell me about the establishment. >> it's a beautiful hotel. we have a beautiful restaurant there too. which is considered a modern italian cuisine. >> and you are the executive chef for the hotel.
11:26 am
>> for the hotel. >> under the chef -- >> chef bombardino. >> and you were saying? >> we have wine events, basting, cooking class and excellent services and a wonderful culinary team. >> and today we are doing a roasted pork chop with the butter -- >> it's the squash. >> with the spaghetti squash. so we look forward to this and we'll join you in 20 minutes to do the demonstration. >> thank you for having us. >> that's what is cooking today. tucker and gurvir, back to you. >> it reminds me of fall, but it doesn't feel like fall out side. >> it's still summerme out here. we have plenty of heat and humidity. a chance of a scattered shower and thunderstorm. and i'll give you a tropical storm danny update and we'll talk about our weekend and what potential danny might have in impacting it. there is a nice live shot. i want to go to julie wright right here. you you can see traffic going good toward american legion
11:27 am
bridge. >> reporter: this is a high- flying party that i promise your kids will enjoy. you don't believe me, take a look at this. there is a little one right here. i almost tripped over, there is so many. let's say hello to her. it's amel air hart. we're at the college park aviation park where they are gearing up for an aviation celebration this weekend. we'll tell you how you can be part of this high flying fun this midday. stay with us. it's never too early to start saving up for christmas.
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♪ how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? old el paso. hard n soft tacos. true genius. mexican style. top stories we're following for you now. memorial plans are set for senator ted kennedy. a private service is being held on cape cad at noonch his body will lie if repose for two days at the jfk presidential line -- library.
11:31 am
his body will be flown to arlington national cemetery to be buried near brothers john and bobby. a police shooting in the district happened overnight along bening road in northeast washington. police were called out for reports of a man armed with a gun and when they got there, they say the man refused to drop the gun. one officer ended up shooting the man. he later died. no officers were injured. two young boys born to a mother addicted to crack and an abusive father. the boys are now in what many consider to be the best spot for them, a stable home with a same sex couple. >> and now the two men want to adopt the children but florida has a ban from gay adoptions. diane fernandez picks up their story. >> reporter: on this day, like most in a north miami park, you would find martin gill playing with his two little boys. by looking at them, you would never know these happy children and the man they call poppy are at the center of a case
11:32 am
threatening to topple the 31- year-old ban against all-gay adoption, the only one still on the books in the u.s. >> i know for my kids i'm the best father. that's because me and my partner can provide them with the continuity that only we can provide them with. >> the district court of appeals third district state of florida. >> reporter: gill sat before a three-judge panel of the third district court of appeals wednesday defending his adoption of the boys granted last november by juvile judge court cindy leaderman who called the ban unconstitutional. his lawyers agreed. >> there is no reason to exclude gays and lesbians for adopting children. >> reporter: the argument defies the state ban. >> we are obligated to enforce it. >> reporter: dcs openly praises
11:33 am
the men for taking care of the children. >> all of the chain of people seem to say that this is totally in the best interest of the children. >> reporter: but the case would create legal precedent, opening the door to gay adoption in florida, which is exactly what opponents don't want admittedly at any cost. >> what about these boys and what is right? >> it might be that these kids are better in this home. my concern is for public policy as a whole. >> that report coming from fox's diane fernandez. after the hearing, gill said he and hi partner fear if the law stands, the two boys would be removed from their home and then split up. half past the hour now and things are warming up out there. >> getting hot and humid once again. this is late august after all. and we have a couple of spotty showers and thunderstorms we might encounter this afternoon but most of us will be dry. same thing with this weekend, but guaranteed wee see some rain in one form or another.
11:34 am
>> is that because of danny. >> a combination of things. >> is danny different than daniel, do you think? like will hey say it was hurricane daniel. >> i think danny, dan, daniel, e. s might be er he's on your right side of the screen. for hurricane centers, they've been monitoring this and gave us an update and the latest is it's showing signs of further intensification. winds 65 miles per hour. the center of circulation is on the west side of the storm, so the main thunderstorm activity is still blowing off to the north and to the northeast. and that tells us, this is not the healthiest tropical storm in the world, but water temperatures off to the north and west are generally running in the low 80s. so there is some fuel for the storm. and if it can get rid of the wind sheer is may intensify over the next 24 hours or so. let's push on and i'll give you the latest information with
11:35 am
tropical storm danny. the information is that it is currently moving to the north and west at about 13 miles per hour. so it's picking up speed. maximum winds at 60 miles per hour with gusts close to 70. notice the track here over the next couple of days. it will be critical on how it impacts washington weather and over the next 24-36 hours, by about saturday morning it will be parked off shore off the lower east earp shore perhaps as a category one hurricane. so pretty much guaranteed along coastal areas we're going to have a strong storm surge and it's possible we could see flooding rains not too far from the washington area. so we have to watch this carefully. it will not become a major hurricane and should keep moving, so the rain will -- should taper off by saturday afternoon or saturday night. but any time you have a hurricane in the neighborhood you have to keep a close eye on the moshings. 83 degrees right now in downtown washington. 80 out in baltimore. 85 now in fredericksberg so
11:36 am
we're starting the process warming up very quickly in the morning sunshine. the humidity is up a little bit as well. you'll probably notice that it feels just a little bit more humid for you as you head out the door this afternoon from yesterday. here is our cold front. and you can see, it's not very impressive. just a couple of light rain showers associated back towards pittsburgh. some of the energy and some of the cloud cover will drop down into the washington area later today. so we'll go with a partly cloudy afternoon, with a chance for a scattered shower or a thunderstorm into the late afternoon and during the evening hours and then the front will hang up around here tomorrow. so we'll have more chances for rain showers during the day on friday. here is your forecast, partly cloudy skies, scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. probably isolated thunderstorms, maybe a 10-20% chance and so again most of us will remain dry and humid conditions expected. high temperature 89 degrees. scattered showers and thunderstorms a possibility during the evening hours and humid overnight. 70 for an overnight low. let's talk about the weekend.
11:37 am
i know people want to get outdoors and it's one of the last weekends of summer and i can't offer any guarantee it's will be dry. with danny passing to east and i strong cold front coming through toward the end of the weekend, we have lots of opportunities for rain. won't rain all weekend but the temperatures will be cooler. upper 70s and low 80s. and i don't think it will rain all weekend. i had to put up a shower or thunderstorm for each day until we can fine-tune this forecast a little bit. >> temperatures looking good though. >> thanks, tucker. and fly high this weekend without leaving the ground. >> holly is up next with how you n do that by visiting a . cal airport. re. it right here. we are back in 3 minutes.
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this weekend the college park airport is celebrating 100 year of flight. >> it is considered the oldest continuously operating airport. and holly morris joins us now with a live look at airfare
11:41 am
100. holly, good morning. >> reporter: i can only report my observations. and i just want to tell you this, kids love this place. we have been marveled here this morning watching all of the little rug rats running around, seeing all of the wonderful historical things herement but the thing that is fun is that it does have inner active things, it has stuff for the kids to climb on and dress up in and lots of activities. and this weekend all of that fun is going to continue and even being taken to the next level at airfare 100. and just out of the planning meeting is warren casper, would is the curator here. and so everything is set and ready to go on saturday? >> yes, it is. we're ready to have a great airfare this saturday. >> reporter: and so let's talk about why this is such an important anniversary that you are celebrating. >> well 100 years ago wilbur wright came to college park airport to train the first generation of military lyers and we've been open for 100 years since then.
11:42 am
>> reporter: and in fact, that was a first. but there has been a lot of other firsts that have happened here. >> yes. this is the first location for the first postal air mail. some of the early experimentation in instrument only navigation and early experimentation with helicopters. this is really the field of firsts. >> reporter: and this field is a affiliation of smithsonian and you are getting kids and families involved in the teaching of the aviation process. and tell me about what is going on here and on saturday in terms of kids event. >> if we are going to learn something, we should have fun doing it. and so you have the opportunity to get the life of a pilot by dressing up. >> reporter: who wants to dress up at a pilot? i'll put you on tv. bribery works every time. >> you can dress up and put on the helmet and the jacket, the scarf and the goggles and we go
11:43 am
through that when we had a school group comes in and tells them how and why a pilot dresses and you can get the sense of a pilot in the air mail days and we have a wind tunnel to demonstrate the shape of a wing creates lifts for demonstrators. >> reporter: and you'll be having stuff like this going on on saturday at the air fair. >> at air fair 100, we'll have children's activities. >> reporter: you have to put the goggles on. it seals the deal. go ahead. >> all of the children's activities will have games that they can play, there is going to be a jumping -- a moon bounce, so a jumping jet, a big slide and fun stuff like that. >> and then the amazing airshow as well. your plane is parked outside, sir. you can give us a thumbs up. he's like no, i can't, my jacket is too long. there it is. you just can't see it. but quickly i want to touch on the airshow going on on
11:44 am
saturday as well. >> yes. we have an airshow and we're going to have a parachute theme, and wing walkers on ultra light aircraft and various aerobatic and military helicopters coming in to do demonstrations. >> will be a memorable day to say the least. and yet a mem oral day. it's oly $4 to get in on saturday. it runs until 4:00. is our website and we have a link to theirs. and if you can't make it out on saturday, you might want to bring your kids for another day of aviation fun. back to you in the studio. >> i just said to allison, that looks like fun. >> nice place to take the kids. >> one of those youngsters might end up on the moon or maybe mars. we'll find out what is in store for the u.s. space program when can he woman back. and how a familiar spot on pennsylvania avenue is helping nasa make yur decisions.
11:45 am
and they aren't your grandma. a look at what our guest chef is cooking up. ( dryer blowing, music )
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it's simply perfect. the crew of the space shuttle discovery hopes the third time is a charm. after two delays they will try to launch tonight at 12:22 a.m. the first delay was caused by weather and the second one by a faulty valve. that's been fixed though. the discovery is on a mission to bring supplies to the international space station. a group of aerospace experts is looking further into future. it's going to give president obama a recommendation for the direction of the space program down the road. fox's chris guiterrez has the details. >> this has to be one of the most proud moments of my life, i guarantee you. >> reporter: in 1972, james certainan became the last to walk on the moon. >> that's coming up on 37 years since we've been back, are you
11:49 am
surprised it's been that long. >> yes, i am, and i'm disappointed. >> reporter: in the years following the apollo mission, nasa focused on the shuttle program, which included building the international ace station. the shuttle is going to be closed next year, leaving the question that is what is next. >> it's not easy. >> reporter: nine aerospace experts were picked by the obama administration to pick options for the nasa future. the panel held public hearings this month to get ideas it. >> it does come down to money and everybody has a price associated with it and the committee is looking to provide options that have a very high chance of success and that will provide the nation with some interim opportunities to really be fascinating with what we discover in space. >> reporter: options range from prolonging the shuttle program
11:50 am
to shutting down the constellation program, which will get astronauts back to the moon and eventually mars. but by most accounts that program will never launch unless the obama administration increases nasa's budget by 3-$4 billion a year. >> people say well that's a lot of money. why do we need to go back to the moon. it cost us one penny out of every tax dollar we send -- less than one penny, that we send to the federal government. there's a pretty strong investment into the future. >> reporter: he says for the good of the country, nasa needs to get younger generations interested in space again. >> i was certainly inspired by the space program to do what i have and i watched the apolo landing and i think the state programs encouraging people to go into space but to dream. >> reporter: nasa's dream of a mission to mars could become a reality if the administration agrees. at the johnson space center in
11:51 am
houston, chris guiterrez, fox news. >> for more information on the space flight committee, you can go to our website,, and look under web links. right now it's time to send things over to allison who is in studio b. i've been waiting to see this. pork chops and apple sauce. >> this isn't your normal pork chops an apple sauce. this is delicious pork chops from the westin arlington gateway with caramelized apples and spaghetti squash. it's a little bit different but its interesting the fall menu. >> yes. it is around the corner anso this is what we're going to be serving on our menu. >> and this is chef lauren and this is nancy martinez, welcome both of you again. >> thank you for having us. >> and so again, what do we do to get started on this delicious meal. >> you can go to the butcher and get a -- this is a 12-ounce frenched pork chop, meaning that the bone has been cleaned
11:52 am
out. and get a hot pan. we have olive oil and you want to get your pan real hot. >> there an art, chef, to -- would you say to frenching the pork chop or to french it. >> french rack of beef and rack of lamb. >> can you do that at home, or does the butcher do that. >> yeah, they do. >> the butcher does that. >> you need a little bit of experience to do that. >> so ask the butcher. okay. >> earlier this morning, we have the raw spaghetti squash, that goes well with the pork chop. and this is when it's baked and then the flesh. >> how long to bake that? >> about 30 minutes. >> i was going to say that, people can be intimidated by
11:53 am
that, i put it in a pan with juice and bake it for 30 minutes and let it cool off. and while your pork chop is getting seared, it's pan roasted to you can chop up ome onions. >> do not try that move at home. >> let the chef do that for you instead. >> anyou stew your onions an -- and apples at same time. >> while that's pan roasting, nancy, you said there were cooking classes and this is the fall menu. what else is going on at the restaurant? >> there is a lot going on. we just started our facebook page and you can be friends with us now. we have great recipes from lauren and we're excited with what is going on in the
11:54 am
restrant. >> that is very cool. we talked about after we scoop out the flesh of the spaghetti squash. >> you prepare it in the morning and want to heat it up in the evening for friends and you put a little bit of oregano with it and salt and paper. and make sure you taste it. and with cooking juice, you pour it back in. so it won't dry out and be moist. so i have the finished product that i starred earlier. but what you do for this recipe, then you add maple syrup. >> i was wondering where the caramelized came in on the apples. >> and then i add some veal
11:55 am
stock with about three quarters. and of course apple cider. >> it really is like fal >> i can't wait for fall. it's my favorite. >> i think we're ushering that in. you can get in entire recipe on our bsite, the wonderful people at the restaurant have put it on our website. and if you would like to see your favorite recipe or a restaurant featured on the show, drop u a line at we'll be back to taste the food. thank you, chef. explain.
11:56 am
11:57 am
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the clock is ticking. you have just a few minutes left to tell us which game you would like to cover friday on fox 5 news. we'll be live at the winning game at 5:00 and 6:00. pl we'll have highlights at 10:00 and post extended highlights on go to our website and click on s ca toryosto vote. do it quickly, your vote ends at noon which is just minutes away. >> like two minutes away. >> two minutes away. let's take a look at the five-day forecast. 89, better chance of storms tomorrow. we'll watch tropical storm danny, but we're going to get some wet weather shat point. cooler next week. that is fall like. >> and so is this. he's are the good folks from the restaurant in the westin arlington gate and they have done some fall fall. pork chops with caramelized apples and i'm going to

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